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More Tracks, More Races, Worldwide, on One Network. Welcome to Hammer.TV. gives fans access to broadcasts from a number of race tracks, series, sanctions and special events worldwide. All live on your computer, laptop, mobile device, or connected TV via a simple, clean user interface. No crazy hoops to jump though or confusing registration to conquer. empowers local race tracks and regional videographers to broadcast to a worldwide audience. Our “Local Show” program is backed by in-house customer support, training, equipment, and world class proven marketing. When your big event is ready, we can send our house team for a “Showcase Race.” We spotlight the best races around the United States with multiple cameras, segments, instant replay, and non-stop entertainment, sometimes in stunning HD Streaming. pays the largest revenue share in the industry – up to 70% – for our partner broadcasters. No long wait and shenanigans. Producers get real time sales, viewing traffic, and bank direct deposits. Are you a rights holder or licensor? Do you sometimes feel like you’re an act in a three ring circus? has, real-time tools built-in for collecting broadcast royalties. No fuss. No confusion. Direct deposits in days. Looking for Customer Support? Go to Help.