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CMIR Series Race #7 at Balsam Lake

Balsam Lake - Balsam, Wisconsin
5:00 PM Central
Saturday, February 23, 2019
CMIR Series Race #7 at Balsam Lake Schedule of Events Registration opens at 1:00pm day of the race Registration closes 3:30pm Practice 3:45-4:05pm bikes, quads, and ATC 4:05-4:25pm SxS 4:25-4:45pm cars 4:45-5:00pm track clean up 4:50pm drivers meeting 4:55pm national anthem 5:00pm race Classes- 2 Motos 1. Youth bikes 2. ATC 3. Youth quads 4. Bikes B 5. Bikes A 6. Quads B 7. Quads A 8. Cars B (fwd, rwd, and awd) 9. SxS B (both NA and turbo) 10. FWD cars 11. SxS A NA 12. RWD cars 13. SxS A turbo 14. OPEN cars

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